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We are here for you through every step of your bridal journey from the time of your enquiry, to the moment you take your first steps towards the aisle.

Sian McCauley cosmetics offer a bespoke bridal service suited to you and what meets your needs, as we understand every bride has their own uniqueness and style, which we will tailor to you and together we will design the perfect look that best suits your personality and bringing out the best version of yourself. 

Your Trial

I understand that every brides vision of their hair and make-up is different, so we always recommend to book a trial to perfect your bridal look.

A trial is a safe place for you to experiment and try different styles of hair and make-up until we reach the desired look, remember this is all about you and your vision.

Bridal trials tend to last between 2 to 3 hours. If you wish to add another bridal party to the trial, timings will differ. You are welcome to bring along someone for support and give extra advice

(more the merrier!).  

Your Wedding Morning


Starting your wedding day with your most nearest and dearest, from the very beginning to the end is one part of your day you will always treasure, sharing laughter and joyful tears, it is the time to relax, be pampered and enjoy the beginning of your new chapter.  As your make-up artist I will be there with you making sure everything is running smoothly and on time.  Timing to me is very important and we like to make sure we have plenty of it, to keep a relaxing, stress free atmosphere, as we all know time can fly by.  A schedule will be put together for hair and make-up so everyone knows what time their pampering starts.

For larger bridal parties, I would highly advise to consider adding additional assistant/s to help ease timings keeping a relaxing environment, avoid super early starts and those mad rushes out the door.  This option will be offered to you at the time of your enquiry and can be added on to your booking at anytime for a small fee of £70 per assistant.



Wedding Day
Hair only
Bridal  £150
Bridesmaid  £75
MOB/Other  £75
Junior bridesmaid  £55

(10 to 14 years, short to medium length hair)
Flower girl/child. £35
(up to10 years, short to medium length hair, basic hair styling)
Hair and make-up
Bridal  - £240
Bridesmaid/MOB  -  £120
Junior bridesmaid  -  £90
(10 to 14 years, short to medium length. Light make-up application)
Flower girl/child  -  £35
(up to 10 years, short to medium length, basic hair styling. Lip gloss & blush)
Bridal  -  £150
Bridesmaid  -  £75
MOB/Other  -  £75
Junior bridesmaid  -  £50

(10 to 14 Light make-up application)
Flower girl/child  -  £5
(up to 10yrs lipgloss, blush & sparkle eyeshadow)
Wedding Trial


Hair and make-up
Bridal  - £160
Bridesmaid. -  £100
Mother of the bride  -  £100
Make-up only
Bridal  -  £95
Bridesmaid  -  £75
MOB/Other  -  £75

Hair only
Bridal  £95
Bridesmaid  £75
Mother of bride/groom £75

Trials last around 2 to 3 hours depending on your chosen service and how many will be having a trial.

Travel is included up to 20 miles of TW19, this will be made clear at the time of booking/enquiries
For larger bridal parties extra artists can be added to help ease timings on the day and avoid those super early morning starts, for an additional fee off £80 per artist
Contact us if you have an enquiry for any of our services or any questions.
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